Canine Carnival

Your dogs favorites are back!

There will be a nominal fee to play, which benefits the DOG RESCUE or COMMUNITY GROUP running it.


CAT-A-PULT is a bean bag tossing game.

The dog triggers the catapult by pressing a lever with his paw, flinging a toy cat onto a grid of numbered squares. Dogs win the prize corresponding to the number the cat lands in.

Note: we love cats too—none are harmed in this game!

Duck Hunt

A cute game based on the clothespin fishing game we played as kids at our grammar school festivals! Retrieve a rubber ducky and win a prize!

Frosty Paws

Stop by the Frosty Paws booth for a cool treat for your pup. A beef or chicken flavored snow cone!


Hosted by Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club.

Is your dog a budding artist? Find out here! Your dog will have the chance to paint you a picture using his paws and tail!

Chase Yer Tail

This is a Wheel of Fortune type game. The owner spins the wheel and wins THEMSELVES a prize. (This is our only game where the DOG does not win a prize!)

Race The Wind

See how fast your dog really is! We have a long, fenced off area. You are at one end and your dog is at the other. Call that puppy and we will clock him with a radar gun!

Any breed is welcome.

Dogs are ranked in different classes according to their size– dachshunds, for example, are not competing against a greyhound’s speed! Hosted by Halfway to Home Rescue.

Pawprints In Stone

You place your dog’s paw in clay and make a permanent casting! (You can also inscribe the dog’s name, date, etc. in the clay) We will place a hole in it so you can hang it with a ribbon after it dries.

Finders Keepers
Treasure Yard

Hosted by Doggy Smiles Rescue. For a nominal donation, take your dog into the Finders Keepers Treasure Yard and remove the leash. Extra special treats and toys have been hidden in the yard and your dog can hunt for his favorite. Whatever he chooses, he gets to take home!! Your pup will definitely want to do this more than once!